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Helena Redman Bio

Enter the enchanting world of Helena Redman, a Swedish-born songstress whose mesmerizing voice narrates tales of a life enriched by diverse cultures and pulsating rhythms. Born into a family where music was more than a passion. Helena's upbringing was a whirlwind of global exploration, courtesy of her father's diplomatic career. From her native Sweden steeped in it’s folk, rock and jazz and blues traditions, to the vibrant streets of Brazil to the sultry nights of Havana, Cuba, and the storied lanes of Prague, each locale infused her soul with a kaleidoscope of sounds and traditions.


Drawing inspiration from the musical traditions of her homeland and the soulful strains of American blues and jazz, Helena effortlessly transcends linguistic barriers, seamlessly shifting between languages as she paints a vibrant musical tapestry. Her journey taking her from the theaters of Stockholm to the sun-kissed shores of Ft Lauderdale, from the bustling metropolis of London to the Latin-infused embrace of Miami, before finding solace in the rhythmic heart of Raleigh, North Carolina.


With a captivating stage presence, Helena enchants audiences with her unpredictable and deeply soulful sound, skillfully blending elements of folk, pop, R&B, Americana, the American songbook, and jazz into an intoxicating mosaic of joy and optimism. A rarely versatile entertainer, she effortlessly traverses styles and genres, from sultry soul ballads, and acoustic folk, to Bossa Nova in Portuguese, classical renditions at church, Smooth jazz and RnB, Blues, Motown, 70's funk/disco and energizing rock, country rock, pop, and top 40, from oldies to current hits, ensuring each performance engages the audience in a journey of musical discovery.


Helena's musical odyssey began at birth, surrounded by the eclectic melodies of her amateur musician parents, and according to her mom, she sang before she could even speak. Exposed to diverse cultures from a young age, her passion for music blossomed alongside her globe-trotting adventures. From falling in love with the music of Mozart's “The Magic Flute” at 7, singing the queen of the night arias, to the infectious rhythms of Brazilian Bossa nova, and Samba, latin vibes, singing in school and church choirs. She was always singing, yet never dreamt of being a singer, or thinking that was even an option. Initially drawn more to athletics, and horses, her love for singing and music became an inevitable magnetic pull in her life, and eventually grew into the lifelong passion of her life. From musical theater in her home town in the south of Sweden, to an original funk/hip hop band in Stockholm to iconic jazz clubs in Florida, Helena's natural talent shone wherever she went.

For over 25 years, Helena has carved out her place as a respected solo artist, captivating audiences at prestigious private events and festivals nationwide. Based in Raleigh, North Carolina, she continues to nurture her original sound, while delighting audiences with her cover band (Helena Redman Band), Postmodern Gatsby style Jazz Group (Red Velvet Revival), Acoustic duo/trio, jazz and RnB group, and holiday music ensemble, The Mistletones.


Blessed with a four-octave range, a warm, soulful voice, and a stage presence radiating warmth and authenticity, Helena Redman is an artist whose performances transcend borders, inviting listeners on a spellbinding musical voyage that celebrates the boundless beauty of the human spirit.

Client and audience feedback


"Helena Redman performed at our gala at the Breakers a few times.  She brings life to the event and had everyone dancing on the floor all night. Her music is fun and she knows how to read the crowd.  Whenever someone is looking for an entertainer, I instantly think of her!"  ~ Chanda Fuller, Executive Director, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation"

"Helena was spectacular. She was a calming influence before the wedding, spent time with my daughter and I to make sure all the details were right and executed on what she promised without any stone unturned. I would book Helena again in a second and if you have the opportunity to hire her, I recommend you do."
~ Jill Hymson, Palm Beach, FL
"Dear Helena,
Bryan and I wanted to thank you again for performing at our wedding. You did an outstanding job. We could not have been happier. You really personalized the wedding with our song choices and truly understood exactly what we wanted and executed it to perfection! You helped make our night so special. We will never forget it!!! xoxo
~ Michelle & Bryan Weissman"
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